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Free Online Access of ES/CPS textbook!

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The 4th edition of ES/CPS textbook on embedded and cyber-physical systems is now available under an open access license!

An effort spanning several years has come to an end: the 4th edition of "embedded and cyber-physical systems" textbook is now available under an open access license! This means free online access! This should help students finding relevant information while mostly learning online. The book provides the fundamentals for embedded and cyber-physical system design, including an overview of application areas, specification and modelling techniques, embedded system hardware, system software, evaluation and validation, mapping/scheduling of applications, software optimizations, and hardware testing. The book is available at https://www.springer.com/de/book/9783030609092.

Videos and slides for an earlier version of the textbook are available at http://www.youtube.com/user/cyphysystems/ and https://ls12-www.cs.tu-dortmund.de/....../slides-2013.html. Enjoy!

Acknowledgment: The publication of this book under an open access license has been sponsored by Informatik Centrum Dortmund e.V. (https://www.icd.de/en/).

TBD: an error introduced by the editor in the final round of editing still has to be removed: the caption of Fig. 5.25 (continued) should read “100% utilization”.