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Property-Based Modulable Timing Analysis and Optimization


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PropRT will explore the possibilities to construct timing analysis for complex cyber-physical real-time systems from formal properties. The target properties should be modular so that safe and tight analysis as well as optimization can be performed (semi-)automatically. New, mathematical, modulable, and fundamental properties for property-based (schedulability) timing analyses and scheduling optimizations are needed to capture the pivotal properties of cyber-physical real-time systems, and thus enable mathematical and algorithmic research on the topic. Different flexibility and tradeoff options to achieve real-time guarantees should be provided in a modularized manner to enable tradeoffs between execution efficiency and timing predictability.

This project will provide a comprehensive view of the landscape of design, analysis, and optimization options for timing properties in cyber-physical real-time systems. Advanced optimization and analytical frameworks based on the formal properties of scheduling algorithms and schedulability analysis will serve as new ingredients for designing predictable cyber-physical systems, which will trigger a revolution of computer architectures, system modeling, communication mechanisms, and synchronization designs in the near future. The results will bring a new design process to further allow control designers and system integrators in cyber-physical real-time systems to jointly explore different configurations of controllers, computation, and communication parameters for designing timing predictable cyber-physical system applications.

The project is planned to start in 2020.

Links : Press announcement at TU Dortmund