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Department of Computer Science
Bachelor, Master, PhD

Complete Theses at DAES Group

  • Realistic scheduling models and analyses for advanced real-time embedded systems.
    Georg von der Brüggen.
    PhD Thesis, November 2019 
  • Optimization and analysis for dependable application software on unreliable hardware platforms.
    Kuan-Hsun Chen.
    PhD Thesis, May 2019
  • Scheduling algorithms and timing analysis for hard real-time systems.
    Wen-Hung Huang.
    PhD ThesisApril 2017
  • WCET Analysis and Optimization for Multi-Core Real-Time Systems.
    Timon Kelter.
    PhD ThesisMarch 2015
  • Automatic Parallelization for Embedded Multi-Core Systems using High-Level Cost Models.
    Daniel A. Cordes.
    PhD Thesis2013
  • Energy-Efficient Scheduling for Real-Time Tasks in Uniprocessor and Homogeneous Multiprocessor Systems
    Jian-Jia Chen.
    PhD Thesis, 2006 (National Taiwan University)
  • Entwicklung und Anwendung von methoden zur stochastischen Behandlung von linearen und nichtlinearen Systemen am Beispiel eines Radiofrequenzspektrometers.
    Peter Marwedel.
    PhD Thesis, 1974  (University of Kiel)