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Department of Computer Science
Bachelor, Master

Complete Theses at DAES Group


  • Multi-Robot Scenario Coordinator for ROS2
    Timon Wendling
    Bachelor's Thesis, 01.2024


  • Trajectory Planning for Autonomous Vehicles with Spline Curves
    Niklas Lindemann
    Bachelor's Thesis, 09.2023
  • Structured Pruning Method of Binarized Neural Network Based on Filter Importance
    Robert Pitzul
    Bachelor's Thesis, 01.2023


  • Accelerating K-means Clustering with Triangle Inequalities on GPU
    Alexander Kummutat
    Master's Thesis, 07.2022
  • Optimized Binarized Neural Networks for Automotive Semantic Segmentation
    Hatem Ali Hussein Hassan Selim
    Master's Thesis, 05.2022
  • Optimization of Quality of Service in Dynamic Multi-Mode Task Systems
    Jan Peter Meyer
    Master's Thesis, 02.2022



  • Meta Machine Learning Optimization: Cache-aware Organization of Decision Trees.
    Waldemar Seiferling.
    Bachelor Thesis, 2020
  • Analysis and Optimization for Hoeffding Tree.
    Xiaoshi Wang.
    Bachelor Thesis, 2020
  • Exploring the Health of Automotive Systems under Transient and Intermittent Faults.
    Giancarlo Stooß.
    Bachelor Thesis, 2020
  • An efficient real-time capable multi-core module framework for the humanoid robot NAO.
    Aaron Larisch.
    Master's Thesis, 2020
  • Supporting Edge Computing Simulator for Real-Time Task models.
    Roman Sazontow.
    Bachelor Thesis, 2020
  • Configurable FPGA-based Access Latency Emulation for Non-Volatile Main Memory.
    Dennis Morczinek.
    Bachelor Thesis, 2020
  • Extendable Hardware-Based Main Memory Access Snooping for Non-volatile Memory Simulations and Analysis.
    Junior Delrich Kamtchogom Namtchueng.
    Bachelor Thesis, 2020
  • Optimization of OpenGL streaming in distributed embedded systems.
    Felix Mues.
    Bachelor Thesis, June 2020
  • 3D-Sensor-Data-based Localization of Logistical Objects with Machine Learning on Embedded Systems.
    Nikolas Müller.
    Master Thesis, April 2020


  • Supporting Semi-Partitioned Multiprocessor Resource Synchronization Protocols on RTEMS.
    Jan Duy Thien Pham.
    Bachelor Thesis, 2019
  • Navigation mobiler Roboter mit dynamischen Hindernissen.
    Harun Teper.
    Bachelor Thesis, 2019
  • Memory Access Analysis and Endurance Leveling Approaches for Non-volatile Working Memory Systems.
    Christian Hakert.
    Master's Thesis, 2019
  • Optimization and analysis for dependable application software on unreliable hardware platforms.
    Kuan-Hsun Chen.
    PhD Thesis, 2019
  • Resource-Aware Acceleration for Nano Particle Classification.
    Mikail Yayla.
    Master's Thesis, 2019
  • Towards Accurate Binary Object Detection in the Context of Industry 4.0.
    Jan Kaiser.
    Master's Thesis, 2019
  • Analysis and Optimization of Trace-Based Simulator for Non-Volatile Main Memory.
    Sebastian Blömeke.
    Bachelor Thesis, 2019
  • Priority-Preserving Optimization of Hardware Filter Efficiency for Broadcast Buses.
    Sebastian Schwitalla.
    Bachelor Thesis, June 2019
  • Exploring the Performance of Hardware Message Filtering in Controller Area Network.
    Iryna Denysenko.
    Master's Thesis, April 2019


  • Ablaufplanungsverfahren zur effizienten Ressourcennutzung bei der Algorithmenkonfiguration von maschinellen Lernverfahren.
    Andreas Lang.
    Master's Thesis, 2018
  • Reservation-Based Federated Scheduling for Parallel Real-Time Tasks.
    Niklas Ueter.
    Master's Thesis, 2018
  • Nested Preemption Fixed-Priority Scheduler for EV3OSEK.
    Nils Hölscher.
    Bachelor Thesis, 2018
  • Qualitätsoptimierung für digitale Bildverarbeitungsaufgaben in eingebetteten Systemen.
    Juri Wenner.
    Bachelor Thesis, 2018
  • Recognition of Attackers in the Context of Honeypots.
    Patrick Trockel.
    Master's Thesis, 2018
  • A PLC based real time material flow controller/calculator in warehouse management system.
    Siddharth Chithadka.
    Master's Thesis, 2018
  • Nested Preemption Fixed-Priority Scheduler for EV3OSEK.
    Nils Hölscher.
    Bachelor Thesis, 2018
  • Improvement of Vehicle Motion Information by Visual Odometry.
    Rajith Hebbal Ravikumar.
    Master's Thesis, 2018
  • Efficient Implementation of Resource-Constrained Cyber-Physical Systems using Multi-Core Parallelism.
    Olaf Neugebauer.
    PhD Thesis, 2018
  • Real-Time Synchronization on Multiprocessors through Suspension or Spinning?.
    Shabnam Tabatabaian.
    Master's Thesis, 2018
  • Methods for Efficient Resource Utilization in Statistical Machine Learning Algorithms.
    Helena Kotthaus.
    PhD Thesis, Department of Computer Science XII, TU Dortmund University, June 2018
  • Usefulness of Model-Based Testing Within Simulink Platform.
    Filip Chocholak.
    Master's Thesis, March 2018
  • Efficient Timer Mechanism in Real Time Operating Systems.
    Timo Gojowczyk.
    Bachelor Thesis, January 2018


  • Analysis and Optimisation of Signal-Flows in Real-Time Embedded Parallel Software Applications.
    Marco Dürr.
    Master's Thesis, 2017
  • Model based Tolerance and Error Analysis of Inertial Sensor based Measurement System of an Excavator.
    Abubakar Sanaullah.
    Master's Thesis, 2017
  • Power Management in heterogenen Multiprocessing-Systemen.
    Rico Endern.
    Bachelor Thesis, August 2017
  • Saving Energy in Embedded Systems Using Nearby Resources.
    Alexander Starinow.
    Bachelor Thesis, August 2017
  • Analyzing and evaluating resource synchronization protocols in RTEMS on multi-core systems.
    Nadzeya Liabiodka.
    Bachelor Thesis, June 2017
  • Multicore Systems with Dynamic Real-Time Guarantees.
    Lea Schönberger.
    Master's Thesis, May 2017
  • Resource-Aware Optimization by Trading Locality, Redundancy and Parallelism.
    Benjamin Gläser.
    Bachelor Thesis, April 2017
  • System Optimization of Hybrid Marine Systems.
    Osama Maqbool.
    Master's Thesis, April 2017
  • Evaluation of Multi-Mode Tasks under Rate-Monotonic and Earliest-Deadline-First Scheduling in Real-Time Systems.
    Vincent Meyers.
    Bachelor Thesis, April 2017
  • Scheduling algorithms and timing analysis for hard real-time systems.
    Wen-Hung Huang.
    PhD Thesis, Dortmund, Germany, April 2017
  • Deep Investigation for Fault Tolerance and Soft-Error Handling on Control Application.
    Mikail Yayla.
    Bachelor Thesis, March 2017, The enhancement of the thesis has been added in the downloadable version.
  • Exploration of Cyber-Physical Systems for GPGPU Computer Vision-Based Detection of Biological Viruses.
    Pascal Libuschewski.
    PhD Thesis, Dortmund, Germany, March 2017


  • Implementation and Evaluation of Real-Time Multiprocessor Scheduling Algorithms on LITMUS-RT.
    Junjie Shi.
    Master's Thesis, December 2016
  • Ressourcengewahre Ablaufplanungsverfahren für modellbasierte Optimierungen.
    Andreas Lang.
    Bachelor Thesis, September 2016
  • Automated Vehicle Telematic Data Acquisition and Information Transformation.
    Thomas Richter.
    Master's Thesis, August 2016
  • Saving Energy for Mobile Biosensors by Offloading.
    Dragana Popovic.
    Bachelor Thesis, May 2016
  • Optimierung der Energieeffizienz von Real-Time Wireless Communications.
    Sebastian Struwe.
    Master's Thesis, February 2016


  • Approximated Timing Analysis in Real-Time Calculus.
    Vasco Fachin.
    Master's Thesis, November 2015
  • Design and Implementation of Computation Offloading Mechanism in Real-Time System.
    Huan Tian.
    Master's Thesis, July 2015
  • Stereo camera de-calibration detection based on observing kinematic attributes of detected objects and the camera rig.
    Venkata Rama Prasad Donda.
    Master's Thesis, July 2015
  • Softwareredundanz zur Erkennung transienter Fehler.
    Martin Scholten.
    Bachelor Thesis, March 2015
  • WCET Analysis and Optimization for Multi-Core Real-Time Systems.
    Timon Kelter.
    PhD Thesis, March 2015


  • Vergleichende Studie von Arbitrierungsverfahren für Kommunikationsstrukturen in eingebetteten Multicoresystemen.
    Tim Harde.
    Bachelor Thesis, 2013
  • Automatic Parallelization for Embedded Multi-Core Systems using High-Level Cost Models.
    Daniel A. Cordes.
    PhD Thesis, 2013
  • Unterstützung modularer WCET-Analyse durch annotierte Binärobjekte.
    Christian Günter.
    Bachelor Thesis, 2013
  • Schedulingverfahren zur WCET-Reduktion in eingebetteten Multicore-Systemen.
    Hendrik Borghorst.
    Master's Thesis, 2013



  • Entwicklung und Anwendung von methoden zur stochastischen Behandlung von linearen und nichtlinearen Systemen am Beispiel eines Radiofrequenzspektrometers.
    Peter Marwedel.
    PhD Thesis, 1974