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Department of Computer Science

Autonomous Racing: Cooperative Racing

The main idea of this project is to make the students interested in autonomous robotics and real-time systems, as well as the improving of the competitive F1/10 Autonomous Racing team of TU Dortmund University.

In this project, we follow the recommendations of the F1/10 Autonomous Racing Competition and provide all the necessary components, e.g., Traxxas F1 type platforms, sensors, racing tracks and an experimental environment. With the given materials, students have to design, build and test their autonomous navigation strategy on a 1:10 scale racecar. Students will learn to use the robot operating system (ROS2), integrate various sensors (IMU, Cameras, LIDAR) on an embedded computer (Nvidia Jetson TX2 / Nvidia Xavier NX), and implement their own algorithms for localization, mappath planning, and control.

Important Dates

Date and Time Event
01.06.2022, 16:00 PG Information Event
23.06.2022, 14:00 PG presentation
24.06.2022, 23:59 Closing of registration
05.07.2022 Notification of accepted students
29.07.2022, 10:00 First meeting
10.2022 Seminar
13.09.2023, 10:00 Final presentation


Final Presentation

13.09.2023 10:00 - 11:00

The final presentation will be an in-person meeting at: OH16, E18