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Department of Computer Science
WS 2020/2021

Embedded System

Due to the current situation (COVID-19), this course will be taught online. All materials (slides, videos, exercises, ... etc.) are provided via the Moodle platform.

General Information

Lecture Sessions: Tuesday 10:15-11:45
Wednesday 10:15-11:45
Exercise Sessions:



Associated Persons: Prof. Dr. Jian-Jia Chen (Lecturer)
Dr. Ching-Chi Lin (Tutor)
Nils Hölscher (Tutor)
Start of Course: 12.10.2021

For more information please refer to the Moodle course page.

Course Information

Embedded systems are systems in which information processing is embedded in an environment and in which the information processing is often not noticed at all. Examples of this are information processing systems in vehicles (cars, airplanes, trains), in mobile communication and in manufacturing technology. Information processing in these systems has to meet a number of largely similar requirements: these include, in particular, reliability, the consideration of time limits and the efficiency of implementation. According to a large number of predictions, embedded systems will make up a large part of information processing applications in the future. The basic features of such systems are taught in the lecture. The lecture deals in particular with: Specification languages ​​for embedded systems, hardware for embedded systems, real-time operating systems, mapping of applications to multiprocessor systems, evaluation, optimization, validation and testing.

This lecture is described in the module INF-BSc-232 for the Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at TU Dortmund.


The lecture is based on the book "Peter Marwedel: Embedded System Design - Embedded Systems Foundations of Cyber-Physical Systems, and the Internet of Things, 3rd Edition, 2018", some of which can be found in the textbook collection of the university library. This book can be accessed online at Springer from within the university network. An (older) German edition can be found here.